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Perfect fit Blinds Luton...


Now we are talking..

This is the revolution in blind design and use-ability. If you have areas of UPVC windows, if it be a conservatory or just rooms in a house, or even a building, we can fit... perfect fit blinds.

Perfect Fit Blinds

In the most simplistic terms all UPVC windows have UPVC frames. To assist the look and the finish Perfect fit blinds are constructed in a matching frame and from there by the use of a very special clip both frames are connected. The finished effect is that this looks so natural and if it was actually part of the origional UPVC window design.

You can fit alluminium and wooden venetian in the frames in addition to pleated. other fabrics are also available with others still in design stage. We will be straight up with you and if we think that perfect fits are not an option. We can fit them all day as guess what...


Just PURE genius..

Danny our installations manager has been fitting these for a few years now and has all the advice that you may need...

LUTON BLINDS 01767 221882..CALL ANYTIME!....

Aluminium Blinds
Aluminium Venetian Blinds Luton
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Wooden Venetian Blinds Luton
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Perfect Fit Blinds
Perfect Fit Blinds Luton